BERATED WOMAN is a comedy short about an Orthodox Jewish housewife who finds herself strangely attracted to the Aryan Supermom neighbor bent on converting her to Christianity. Both women want something from the other, but what is each willing to sacrifice to achieve her goals?

Nationally broadcast on the Logo Network and Out TV as part of "Click List: Best in Short Film." Distributed internationally by CFMDC, with screenings at over 20 film festivals, including Inside Out, St. John's, and San Francisco Gay and Lesbian Film Festival.

Starring Patrice Keitt, Tori Davis, Barry Smith, Christina Pawl, and Margaret O'Connor / Directed by Anya Meksin/ Written by Alexander Goldberg / Produced by Larin Sullivan / Director of Photography, Kamil Plocki / Production Designer and Title Art, Leeza Meksin / Edited by Zubin Jelveh and Anya Meksin / Music by Jeff McSpadden / Sound by Anthony Thompson