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An Official Selection of the Black List/Women in Film Screenwriting Lab, the Film Independent Screenwriting Lab, IFP’s Project Week, and the ScreenCraft Screenwriting Fellowship, TAMINEX is a contained, sci-fi thriller that takes place in one night during an urban pandemic. When the deadly virus plunges the city into an anti-immigrant panic, a young Iranian woman must go outside official channels and venture into the underbelly of a corrupt society to procure the only drug that can save her boyfriend’s life and her own—Taminex.




Commissioned by Amy Baer's Gidden Media, THE ALGORITHM is a timely urban thriller about big data in the age of mass incarceration. Set in a not-too-distant future in which people’s personal information is used to determine their likelihood of criminal activity, THE ALGORITHM tells the story of a young, black computer prodigy who has to fight a system that unjustly imprisoned him and prove that his destiny is far greater than any algorithm can predict. Written in collaboration with William Gerrard.


© Jason De Caires Taylor

© Jason De Caires Taylor


An Official Selection of the New York Television Festival's Script Competition, SEA CHANGE is a grounded sci-fi series that dramatizes humanity’s imminent encounter with global, catastrophic climate change. From ordinary people struggling to survive in a world changing before their eyes to ruthless profiteers seeking to squeeze every last penny from a dying economic model—all must rise to the challenge of forging a new civilization or be swept away by the sea. Written in collaboration with William Gerrard, Rammy Park, and Rogin Kim.